State Approved Alcohol & Drug Education Classes
Education Resource of Texas   
1110 W. William Cannon Drive · Austin Texas
  DWI, DOEP, Theft & Anger Management Classes · Suite 302 
  For classes listed above call: 512-786-3673  

  DWI Intervention Class · Suite 301 
 For DWI Intervention Class call: 512-786-3673

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DOEP Drug Offender Education Program Course
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DOEP Class Schedules — Austin Texas
The DOEP Course is comprised of FIVE 3-hour classes; fee is $100.00:
Advance payment (in person or by PayPal) is required.

Sep 18, '17
6 pm to 9 pm
 &  Tuesday
Sep 19, '17
6 pm to 9 pm
 &  Wednesday
Sep 20, '17
6 pm to 9 pm
 &  Thursday
Sep 21, '17
6 pm to 9 pm
 &  Friday
Sep 22, '17
6 pm to 9 pm

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